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Hi adventurer! I’m delighted you made it to one of these frightening and unmapped realms of the internet - a collection of articles on the topic of computerology.

What brings you here, my dear little fella, in a such a dark and stormy night? Come - sit down next to the fireplace. Can I pour you a drink?

Let me say a couple of words about myself before we get to the real topics. As you might know, I’ve been given the name Andreas. Andreas, born to a family of respected carpenters a long time ago. Hence, Andreas Zimmerer they call me in my mother tongue. I succumbed myself to this witchcraft of personal computers. Magic devices of unparalleled power as never seen before. And yet, nobody fears them. I do…

Oh, besides that, I studied computer science at TU Munich, heavily specializing on data processing systems. It happens that I also participated TU Munich’s elite graduate program “software engineering”, where I did even more things related to databases. That’s also the reason why I wrote my Master Thesis at MIT in Tim Kraska’s group, with Andreas Kipf being my advisor, and co-supervised by Alfons Kemper and Thomas Neumann. I also worked on TiKV for a bit. Now my paths lead me to Snowflake where I work on all “selective query speedup”-things.

Besides that, I have an abundance of cute little green friends at home and I love traveling around the world with friends, go sailing for a bit, play some guitar and so on. Also I’m a certified bartender.


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